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More than 340 outfitters, 1 promise!

2 February 2012

More than 340 outfitters, 1 promise!

Although they are spread out all over the province and unique in their own ways, the Québec Outfitters all operate under the same code of ethics, based on strong caring values towards their clients, the industry, their territory and wildlife. For over a century, professionalism, respect and devotion have been at the heart of it. The network is a guarantee of quality and we promise that your stay at an outfitter will be unforgettable!

Many Regions for you to discover!

Each of the regions nestled in the province of Québec has its own unique local colour. All over the province, landscapes abound and transform to make way for a diverse fauna and flora that’s never the same from one region to another. And it’s on these rich territories that outfitters have been operating for more than a century. You’ll never find a better host to explore Québec with than an outfitter! Knowing their corner of the country better than anyone else, they’ll make sure you enjoy a stay full of exciting memories.

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