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Quebec’s Leaf River–World’s Best Brook Trout Fishery?

2 September 2011

Pennaz’s Pointers – Aug 24 2011

At the northern limit of the tree line in Quebec’s wild north, is the Leaf River. Based on what I experienced there last week it just may be the world’s best brook trout water.

I’m not a numbers guy, but to give you a brief glimpse of the Leaf, consider this: while standing on the same rock last Tuesday, I had brook trout strikes on 42 consecutive casts and landed 39 fish between 1 and nearly 4 pounds! The next day, at a different location, this time tossing a black Woolly Bugger (size 8 barbless), I had a bite nearly every cast for close to a half hour.

Most of the brookies landed ran a solid 2 to 3 3/4 pounds, and came in a variety of color phases ranging from a subtle tan with light spots to a brilliant orange with vibrant spotting. Per my guide, Travis Green, the lighter fish were likely sea-running trout that had not been in the river long.

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