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Quebec: magnificent display of wildlife!

7 July 2011

Each year we travel to the north to see the magnificent display of wildlife that Québec has to offer. From caribou to white-tailed deer and black bear, this province has become one of our favourite yearly stops to film both our TV shows, Archer’s Choice and The Choice.

Île d’Anticosti with its overwhelming number of deer and its breathtaking scenery will surely touch a part of your soul and make you want to return year after year for the true sensation of the ole deer camps of yesterday.

Québec’s Far North is a magical place. Each year we always spend a few weeks in the tundra of Québec, hunting and filming one of the most magnificent animals on this planet—the caribou! As we have often heard, “When you think of caribou, think of Québec!” We have hunted all over this great province and have never been let down by the people, the wildlife or the scenery. We feel honoured to be able to venture north each year to witness the splendour and abundance of wildlife throughout all of Québec and enjoy the hospitality and expertise of some of Québec’s fine outfitters.

With so many choices on where to hunt and what to hunt, there is no doubt Québec will deliver a hunting experience that will blow you away.

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo
Archer’s Choice Media Inc.

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