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In Québec, every hunt is a trip of a lifetime

6 June 2011

Last spring, hunting snow geese near Montmagny, watching tens of thousands of birds feed on the mud flats of the St. Lawrence River, is when it hit me—every hunt in Québec is a hunt of a lifetime.

“How can that possibly be?” you might ask. It’s very simple.

I’ve been blessed to hunt in Québec dozens of times for North American Hunter magazine and television… and on my own. Whether for caribou, bear, moose, white-tailed deer, waterfowl, upland birds or small game, I’ve never been discouraged or disappointed. There’s new wonder, new emotion at every turn.

Of course, I didn’t always bag the animal I was after… that’s hunting. But the people, the country, the emotion always ensure that I’m already planning the next trip back before I’m headed for home. Québec’s appreciation of and accommodations for hunters are like none I’ve experienced anywhere else in the world.

I don’t speak French, but I don’t need to. The shared admiration of hunting, of wild things and of unspoiled places is the foundation of friendships with the people of Québec that easily break down any language barrier. Many of my best hunting friends are there.

There is only one way to completely feel the emotion of hunting in Québec: you have to go there and do it yourself. But in the meantime enjoy it vicariously through the features you’ll see in North American Hunter magazine and NAH-TV on Versus. I can promise you, we’ll be back in Québec again and again.

Bill Miller
Executive Director, North American Hunting Club

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