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Fishing in Quebec

26 May 2011

I’ll be chasing two of my favourite species on my next trip to Québec: walleye and giant northern pike. Both are plentiful in Québec’s southern reaches.

There were other spectacular options considered… Atlantic salmon in the famed Gaspésie. Colourful Arctic char in Nunavik. Speckled trout in waters throughout much of the province.

But in the end it was the thought of walleye fried golden brown over a crackling fire that tipped the scales.

I made my first trip to Québec more than 20 years ago. Since then, I have traveled here many times in search of great fishing action for the “North American Fisherman” television show and magazine.

I’ve learned that not only is Québec vast, it’s incredibly diverse. Lakes both large and small are countless. And Québec’s rivers run clean and cold, offering incredible habitat for a variety of fish species.

But it’s the people of Québec that bring me back each year. Their love of the land and of its wild places, their history and culture, and the warmth they share makes a trip to Québec one to be remembered for a lifetime.

Last year, we arrived by floatplane at our destination, a new lodge built on the shores of a pristine lake teeming with large walleye and giant northern pike. As we unloaded the plane, the sound of laughter drifted over the waves. It was obvious from the start the fishing was good.

Another memory from Québec!

Steve Pennaz
North American Fishing Club

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